Daya Academy provides national-level quality coaching for students interested in football with imported quality turf for practising.


We focus on building internationally competent boxers with focused training. Our products won competitions at the state level.


Coaching Karate to our students is our way of empowering girls and building a healthy and competent generation.


Cycling is a major sport we train our students, and we have witnessed massive improvement in the resilience and behaviour of our students.


To contribute medal winners for the nation, we have vigorous coaching available for athletics with facilities available for sand training.


Daya Academy provides quality training for students interested in chess to help them achieve success at higher levels.


We focus on building our students to compete at higher levels in volleyball by taking inspiration from legends like Jimmy George.


Basketball is not so popular in Kerala, but we have talented students in our group who can start winning higher-level competitions.


Archery is another important item we focus on training students to popularise the sport and produce successful archers from Kerala.


We give opportunities for students to have quality training in fencing so that they can go ahead and build a career in this Olympic sport.

Tug of War

Tug of war is a highly competitive sport that demands endurance and physical strength. We train our students to get better at this.


We have yoga sessions for our students to keep their mental and physical health strong to achieve a successful career in their sports.

Table Tennis

We provide coaching for table tennis under experienced coaches to produce future medal winners for this popular sport.


Badminton is a game in which we have trained many students to improve their abilities to win more competition at higher levels.


Expert coaching under professional coaches for Judo is available at Daya Academy for students interested in achieving success in this sport.

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